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The Sunshine Artist forum is a great way to interact with consumers and business associates, as well as the magazine itself. We hope that this information exchange can beget valuable information that normally may not be found easily in other ways. Currently, only registered subscribers are allowed to post to this forum, and only a handful of Categories are visible to the public.


Current Categories:

Publicly Viewable:
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  • Shameless Marketing -public
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  • Be Polite. No name-calling. No personal attacks.
  • Stay on topic and try to post in the most applicable category.
  • No advertisements, except in the Shameless Marketing category.


Couple of tips:
  • It's always a good idea if a post makes you angry, to wait a couple hours before posting a reply.
  • It's OK to say "I express-mailed a check to company X on Oct. 16 to pay for their product to be rush-shipped to me by the 25th. According to the delivery service, they signed for receipt of the check on the 17th. I called on the 20th to confirm that they were shipping and was told that everything was on time. I called again on the 24th, and they said the shipment was in transit. The product never arrived, they cashed my check, and now I can't get anyone to talk to me on the phone."
  • It's NOT OK to say: "Company X and all its employees are slimy, sleaze-ball liars."


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